Light up the window!

Seletti – in conjunction with the Milan Design Week 2023 – presents Window Lamp, a surprising project to illuminate everyday spaces with originality, born from the long-lasting collaboration with the artist-designer Marcantonio.

Marcantonio has imagined Window Lamp as a new product that, playing on the reversal of interior/exterior perception, gives rise to a luminous object in the shape of an archetypal window – available in four different variants – that breaks down the boundaries of space, creating an illusory opening towards a blue sky dotted with white clouds. From the white frame, a state-of-the-art LED transforms the rooms in a dreamlike way, bringing a shining sky into the home even in the middle of the night.

In lighting, we have always tried to go beyond boundaries, creating objects with a strong identity, which is why they are either loved or hated,” says Stefano Seletti, the company’s art director. “Marcantonio was certainly among the first to take up the challenge, interpreting this vocation of ours and giving life to luminous objects with a figurative design, true tales capable of stimulating the imagination and fantasy“.

A window with a view of a beautiful sunny sky has always been a positive and pop image for me,” explains Marcantonio. “With Window Lamp I wanted to give you the possibility to open a window wherever you want without the need for bricklayers or permits from the municipality!“.
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