Messner Architects reinterprets the showroom space of the tiled stove manufacturer Pöhl – founded in 1962 by the father of the smoker Andreas, today the owner of the company.
Located in the handicraft area of Collalbo on the Renon plateau – a strong community in the handicraft sector – the showroom space is being renovated to become a perfectly structured and attractive showroom.

The customer in search of his customised stove embarks on a journey into the world of wood heating, a tradition that has been present in the Alpine region for centuries.
Fire as the main theme is represented through a hearth, which has always been a fundamental place of meeting and exchange.
Four charred wooden wings are arranged orthogonally around the hearth, creating a backdrop for the presentation of stoves and tiles.
Above the monolithic stone, which lies heavy in the room, rises the hood complemented by a tall chimney.
A heat storage stove clad in majolica forms the backdrop and serves as a dividing element between the display area and a more private area with desk, meeting table and bar niche.

The soft ash-grey carpeted floor, the oiled mdf furniture, the ceiling and wall in Heraklith left untreated, the rough plaster in green tones and the roof structure painted black, all refer to archaic motifs related to the world of fire.
Illuminated by two suspended circles of black painted metal, the curved attic space generates a cosy ambience.
The presence of brass in the logo, in the fireplace hood and in the bar area, adds delicate accents.
The atmosphere in the new spaces is a response to the client’s request to create a place of representation and hospitality that expresses the company’s philosophy of competence, reliability and quality – without neglecting emotions.
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Project: Fireplace
Studio: Messner Architects
Location: Collalbo, Renon
Year: 2022
Photos: Karina Castro