Esercizi di Stile by IB

Gatsby, Vinile, Brera and Soho are the names of the four new IB collections that make up a unique project called Esercizi di Stile, which demonstrates the Brescian company’s desire to experiment with new codes and languages of design applied to the world of high-end faucets. A project aimed at both the retail target and the more evolved contract market.

All solutions have a simple, cylindrical body where it is the lever that emerges as a distinctive element. In Gatsby it is finely decorated, for a step back in time that cites the art deco of the early 1920s. The lever in the Vinile series has an original concept that evokes the horizontal grooves typical of vinyl records, now powerfully back in the limelight. Brera is a tribute to the IB showroom on Via Solferino for a smooth, linear design with a contemporary soul, like that of Milan. The latest collection is Soho, inspired by 1950s Italian rationalism, for an object that aims straight at the pure functionality of the faucet. “These are four variations on the theme of distinctiveness,” says Andrea Bregoli, IB CEO, “with four exercises in style that I believe can strike the attention of our reference interlocutor, the architect, thanks to their discreet charm and the usual quality of IB faucets. Four collections perfect in both residential and high-profile hospitality settings, classic or contemporary.”

All series are declined in the different product types: from washbasins to bathtub rim, from mixers to showerheads for integrated and consistent 360-degree projects. There are 14 finishes available, from brass to trivalent chrome to golds with nano 3 protection, to be up to 15 times stronger than any similar finish. Esercizi di Stile is thus a project that bears the signature of one of the most innovative Italian companies in the world of faucets, always a point of reference for architects and designers.


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