Casa Brivio

Casa Brivio is a new and sophisticated hospitality project, the brainchild of Filippo and Alberico Brivio Sforza and developed by the architectural firm Matteo Thun & Partners, who entrusted Cassina Custom Interiors with the interiors.
Casa Brivio is located in the heart of Milan, inside two 1960s-1970s buildings inspired by the style and design of Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

The reception transports the guest into an ‘old Milan’ atmosphere. The reception, reminiscent of the famous Milanese entrances, is characterised by a ceiling decorated with a diamond pattern and wall paneling, deliberately recalling the style of Giò Ponti.
The terracotta pink of the exterior, the cream-coloured terrazzo floor and the tropical plants are a reference to the typical taste of modernism.
The original helicoidal stairs, finished in hydraulic lime, recall the finish of the façade and are decorated with Murano lamps attributed to Caccia Dominioni for Azucena.

The sixteen solutions, rooms and flats, are uniquely and specifically furnished for each space.
The interior of the rooms is in line with the genius loci and is inspired by the atmosphere of mid-twentieth-century Milanese modernism.
The key product of the interior design is the wardrobe which, at the same time, separates the sleeping area and makes the presence of the kitchen discreet.
Scrupulous details, such as the Melanzana handles by Caccia Dominioni and the ribbed glass, emphasise the concept of Casa Brivio, which revolves around a modern reinterpretation of the Milanese home of the last century.
The interior design looks to the tastes of modernism in the city, incorporating historical references that are intended to be both innovative and conservative. The colour palette includes subtle shades of terracotta pink, ivory, petrol/ocean blue and emerald green – which complements the herringbone wooden floor.
The lighting is designed to bring out the natural materials such as brass and fabrics. The design of the bathrooms, faithfully inspired by Portaluppi’s work, features terrazzo flooring in natural colours such as ivory and mud grey.
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Project: Casa Brivio
Interior Design: Matteo Thun & Partners
Project Management: Benedetto Fasciana
Executive company: LMB Group
Location: via Olmetto/ via Cornaggia 12-16, Milan
Photo: Marco Bertolini