Block House

Thought to be a low-cost house, but with refined rooms and concepts regarding the distribution of spatial functions and visual aspects, the Casa Bloco was conceived as a single-story residence from an oriental bias.

The use of concrete blocks and wood, without external coating, exposed crudely in essence, are part of the compositional intention of the house.
The whole project was conceived with sophisticated yet simple solutions, easy execution and monitoring at the construction site.

The house forms itself around an inner courtyard, carefully designed to create a contemplative environment. It was composed with ornamental plants, a koi pond and a green wall made with steel cables over the concrete blocks, where the vegetation settles in a simple and natural way. A barbecue and a balcony make up the leisure area that connects with the courtyard, creating an open space for living and well-being.
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PROJECT Block House
ARCHITECTS ES Arquitectura
LOCATION Criciúma, Brazil
YEAR 2019
LEAD ARCHITECTS Diego Justo do Espírito Santo, Valerio Montes D’Oca, Rodrigo Estrella
PHOTO Slaphotostudio