Casa Ses Costes

Architectural studio 05 AM, based in Girona, Spain, was in charge of designing a single-family house in Costa Brava, on a south-facing plot with a sloping access, while all its floors are incorporated into the natural terrain.

The access point is located on the lower ground level, leading to the house entrance, garage and service spaces. The first and second levels contain the bedrooms and living area respectively, leaving the upper level a large space with a magnificent view of the sea.

The architects tried to minimise the impact of the house from the outside by hiding the two lower floors in the ground, using stone from the excavation for the external wall cladding. In this way, the main floor is inserted as a horizontal cut in the ground, leaving the rest of the intervention integrated with the natural stone of the site.

The façade of the main floor is entirely glazed, protected by a large eaves along the entire perimeter which creates an intermediate space between the interior and exterior of the house. This covered terrace becomes wider as it approaches the kitchen area, so that it can be used as an outdoor dining space. The long horizontal edge of the roof rotates longitudinally to fit in better with the natural topography of the plot.

Thanks to an open space that offers a view along the horizon from any corner of the floor, the upper area of the house acquires a pleasant feeling of freedom.

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PROJECT Casa Ses Costes
ARCHITECTS TEAM Júlia Esteve, Laura Rodrigo, Robert Comas, Ferran Fluvià
STRUCTURE Miquel Llorens
FACILITIES SJ12 Enginyers – Albert Colomer
LOCATION Costa Brava
YEAR 2019
PHOTO Filippo Poli Photography