The Boccaccio7 collection was born from the partnership between Artis and Dainelli Studio: characterised by an interplay of sharp angles and cylindrical shapes, the mixer series evokes a visual effect that is as austere as it is harmonious, presenting itself as an icon of elegance and technical precision.

The decisive profile of the design is accentuated by the fluting: the special workmanship that embellishes the lever recalls the details of watchmaking and luxury lighters, giving it class and tactile pleasure.

The Boccaccio7 collection now offers a complete range of solutions for the bathroom, offering configurations for washbasin also in a high version, for bidet, for shower and for bathtub. It is also customisable through refined finishes, including different types of gold (matt, brushed, brushed pink), and brushed nickel.

Conceived for contemporary and metropolitan bathroom environments, the design of the Milanese architecture studio synthesises its continuous search for ever new aesthetic and formal solutions, in full synergy with Artis’ mission.
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