The idea is innovative: make the most of all the space available, even where you don’t think you have it, in a house, a hotel, an office or any other type of environment thanks to an ingenious 100% Made in Italy concealed furniture system, capable of recreating environments that change over the course of the day and furnishings that are transformed to extend, multiply, compose and conceal spaces, achieving maximum comfort.

This is the intuition of Protek®, an Italian company with long experience in the design and manufacture of counterframes and systems for sliding doors and windows, which has come up with Bigfoot®, a patented, unique and avant-garde system that exploits the structural elements of separation and passageways within buildings to offer unprecedented solutions in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, combining design, creativity and innovation.

A new format destined to become more and more commonplace in newly built homes, designed to have furnishing accessories integrated into the walls, or applied adjacent to existing walls, which appear and disappear inside the premises according to the needs of new metropolitan citizens, lifestyles and times of day.

Bigfoot® can be integrated into the wall during the design and renovation of the building, adjacent to an existing wall or freestanding and self-supporting. It is available in two versions, Architectural, for covering in plasterboard sheets or similar, and Interior, with a predisposition for covering in boiserie or rigid panels (both versions do not require building permission, speeding up and simplifying installation), as well as with different finishes and colours, to adapt to the environment in which it is installed, and a wide range of variants: from more traditional and practical elements such as shoe racks, bookcases, tables, beds, pantries, coat racks, closets, up to more “smart” applications with bar furniture, fitness or entertainment elements, up to the brand new solutions for smart-working, home-schooling.

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