The ALBED brand has been offering sliding door systems, walk-in cupboards, bookcases and office division systems for over 50 years and among the many innovations for 2018 is happy to present the AND model door.
Available from the catalogue in both swing and sliding versions, it is made in wood and available in a range of different varieties as well as with RAL lacquer. The simplicity of the door conceals highly accurate craftsmanship in terms of woodworking skill, from the panel to the jamb.

Entirely manufactured in Italy in ALBED’s factories in Nova Milanese, the production processes use only top quality raw materials ranging from aluminium to glass and wood, a choice that demonstrates respect for nature in that these are all noble, clean and recyclable materials. Every single product can be modified and customized, resulting in a made-to-measure design to make both a residential and a contract space unique.