Dooor is the project of a young entrepreneur who decided to cultivate the experience gained in the family business founded by his grandfather in 1962 and which has always focused on the production of textile doors.

Created in the 1950s as a result of the reflections on modern living carried out by various designers, the textile door is a furnishing accessory that can extend, delimit or screen interior spaces according to the desired configuration.
Dooor’s collection of textile doors keeps this extraordinary functional feature intact and broadens its aesthetic horizons, thanks to new printing techniques and the use of high-tech materials for covering. The result is an architectural element with an essential style that connects spaces in continuity but at the same time represents a decorative element capable of strongly characterising the surrounding environment, profoundly characterising the environments in which it is inserted.

The character of an interior is determined by the cut of the spaces, by the psychology of light, by the designer’s intuitions that transform a volume of solids and voids into a versatile habitat. What allows the space to be subdivided without sacrificing the sense of the whole are the thresholds. Curtains, doors, windows and sliding walls are thresholds. A synthesis of these elements is the folding door, a bizarre twentieth-century gimmick used by architects and designers from all walks of life. The reducibility of space, the separation of environments, the declaration of a function, the caesura between what is public and what is private are results that a folding door offers.

Dooor is a new brand that combines tradition and foresight, awareness and passion, simplicity and innovation, functionality and sophistication. Dooor’s future is a blank canvas to be drawn, just like its textile door.
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