House of Rohl. A story of craftsmanship

House of Rohl was born from a belief in craftsmanship. The history of its products are stories of place, passion and dedication. House of Rohl operates in the bathroom and kitchen industry with a range that embraces four brands, distinguished by different styles and products: freestanding tubs and coordinating basins in QUARRYCAST™ from Victoria + Albert Baths; the fine traditional detail of Perrin & Rowe faucets; the stylish contemporary faucets of Riobel, and handcrafted sinks from Shaws. Victoria + Albert’s freestanding bathtubs and coordinating washbasins are unique because they are produced in the exclusive QUARRYCAST™ material, a blend of lava stone and resin that is warm to the touch, prized for its natural brilliance, light weight (the average weight of the bathtubs is 72 kg), and long lasting durability.

The brand offers more than forty designer bathtub models, both modern and traditional. It recently introduced 199 RAL colours, showcased in three new colour palettes with Wallpaper* magazine. Riobel has been producing kitchen and bathroom faucets since its founding in Quebec, Canada. The brand develops award-winning designs that combine brilliant engineering with an architectural style that draws on influences from both Europe and North America. Finally, Shaws, founded by Arthur Shaw in 1897, specialises in the creation of handmade kitchen sinks made of fireclay. Fireclay must be fired for a longer duration at a higher temperature than conventional ceramics, producing a highly durable finish. In addition to white and black, the sinks are also available with a choice of 7 decorative designs that can be applied to their best-selling sinks.

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