Work on Wallpaper

Asteré invites contemporary artists from different disciplines, such as sculpture, fashion and design, to give life to their creation on a new surface, wallpaper. The work of art thus develops a new materiality, vertical and flat, continuing the experimentation and study of its creator. It is an intimate vision of creation, free from galleries and welcomed into homes, into the private sphere.
The project is founded and curated by Élitis, a French company specialising in wallpaper, which has managed to make the most of the work of art on this type of support, combining different techniques in synergy with the artist. Thus new extraordinary possibilities have been found to build a bridge between art, houses and interiors.

The choice was to collaborate with contemporary artists with charisma and style, offering a collaborative challenge: to invest in a new medium of support for their work. The personalities involved in these new collections are: Garance Vallée, the Porter Teleo duo and François Mascarello. With each artist it was possible to explore how to transpose their work on the walls, optimizing and adding other effects and nuances. Moving from the volumes, from the plastic material to carve, sculpt or build to the surface of the wall. There were many opportunities to find solutions, combine techniques and create incredible effects, to make art dance with technique and technique with art.

Born from a shared sensitivity for art and creation, Asteré is a fusion of emotional, aesthetic and technical synergies. A mix of savoir-faire that evokes the memory of a material and an inspiration to embody emotions on wallpaper and wall coverings.
Asteré aims to enable everyone, connoisseurs and beginners alike, to own a work of art, created and published as wallpaper or wall coverings.
As a good “big sister”, Élitis has shared the great knowledge of printing techniques acquired in 30 years of experience. These include traditional printing, screen printing, rotogravure and digital effects.

François Mascarello
“Extract from a poor or raw material its essence and make it luxurious.”
Materials, ideas, movements, up to a shadow on a photograph. He works them in the mass and does not hesitate to make them collide to develop harmonies. The explosion of individualisms resonates. A motif, a symbol or a monochrome comes alive under his hand or is repeated to release the richest variants.
This is why François Mascarello does not hesitate to break manufacturing codes, to experiment without restraint, to influence techniques, at the intersection of painting, sculpture and craftsmanship. Celebrated for his hand-painted papers, oil on kraft paper, with Asteré the artist faces a new challenge: to succeed in making his works vibrate with the same intensity by exploring printing techniques.

Teleo Porter
“The couple never disappoints those who want to break down the classic frontiers of aesthetics.”
The emblematic designer couple made a name for themselves after Kansas City, where the Studio is based, crossing modern art with hand-painted wallpaper to give it a breath of fresh air.
Together, Kelly Porter and Bridgett Cochran have developed a unique process: hand painting directly on each roll of wallpaper, crossing their respective inspirations. These multi-handed creations place them at the intersection of plastic arts and high-end design. Each time they perpetuate their crazy love story for new colours, designs strongly inspired by contemporary art, the reworking of very old techniques. Each time they invent surprising avant-garde graphics.
With Asteré the incredible creativity of printing techniques allows Porter Teleo to capture new ways to build their inimitable aesthetic.

Garance Vallée
“Like a strange geology of the world. Terrestrial and architectural.”
Free and spontaneous, Garance Vallée’s work is protean. It lives in three dimensions, in the form of architectural sets and objects associated with illustration and painting. His creations unfold curious scenes from the surrealist heritage, inhabited by matter.
You can work cement with your bare hands and have a tender heart. Even romantic. The Parisian artist manifests it concretely in his work, perfectly balancing the rigour of architectural lines with the warmth of organic forms. The compositions mock the perspectives of the architecture, free the corners and deceive the eye. The collaboration with Asteré is a new opportunity for Garance Vallée to pursue these chimeras: to reconnect to the two dimensions of the wall, integrating the volume of the trompe-l’œil.