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Wireline, the new Flos collection by Formafantasma

Flos presents an authentic lamp which tells its story for what it is: Wireline is designed by Formafantasma solely with a light source and a power supply element.
Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, founders of Formafantasma studio, describe Wireline in these words: “Elaborating further on the design principles of the previous WireRing lamp, we have once again used the electrical cable as the defining element of the project. Made of rubber, it hangs from the ceiling and is flattened almost to look like a belt: its role is to support an extruded grooved glass rod that houses the LED light source. The choice of materials was dictated by the desire to play on the contrast between the industrial feel of rubber and the sophisticated feel of glass. The lamp can be installed as a single piece or in a repetition of modules to create elaborate visual compositions. Packaged it has minimal dimensions“.

Wireline is therefore synonymous with research and emotion, with an industrial soul, an artistic vocation and technology. Previewed at the Salone del Mobile and at miart 2019 (international fair of modern and contemporary art in Milan), where it had illuminated the Vip Lounge, Wireline is now available for the global market.

Wireline is a long, slim body in which the power cord becomes an essential aesthetic feature: flattened to look like a strap, made of rubber and hanging from the ceiling, it delicately supports a sophisticated extrusion of grooved glass, which contains and diffuses the LED light source. This product thus fulfils the ambition to reduce a lamp to its essential components, to design solely with its light source and power supply.

Available in pink and forest green finishes, WireLine can be installed as a single piece or in a composition of several elements to achieve elaborate visual arrangements, while maintaining the characteristic of practicality and minimising the space required for storage. Suitable for very high ceilings, hotel lobbies and similar contract situations, WireLine is also ideal for domestic, loft and open space environments.

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