What’s new in the Artis catalogue

Artis has presented its new catalogue, with a totally renewed graphic layout.
The main contents of the company’s new tool are:

1. All the collections offer a highly developed range of variants, surface-mounted elements, wall-mounted, with remote controls, single-hole, 2-hole, 3-hole, developed vertically, horizontally, with central, right or left-hand spout. This is also true of the more economical series.
2. The Shower Programme is particularly complete: from the innovative Q-Box to the 4-page index of shower heads of all shapes, types and sizes, to waterfall systems and colour therapy products.
3. The Built-in System chapter offers the possibility of ordering the wall-mounted bodies in advance, to be followed by the order of the external parts when the series has been chosen. This is possible because the built-in bodies are universal and compatible with all Artis series, both for showers and washbasins. This applies to both the premium models and the cheaper series.
4. The catalogue also proposes a complete programme of quick-release toilet cocks, which match the style of the various types of taps, modern or classic, and design Idro WC and Shut-Off systems, round or square in shape, which can therefore be easily matched to the taps.
5. The Kitchen Programme also ranges from stainless steel series with innovative designs to modern and classic products to suit all tastes and requirements.
6. There are a large number of different finishes available for all collections, both predefined and on request, as well as many items in stainless steel.
7. The Family Collection is also very interesting, combining design, technology and electronics for the kitchen, shower or bath.
8. The product programmes are well defined and easily identifiable in an attractive and user-friendly index.
9. All our taps can be fitted on request with Energy Saving single-lever cartridges or thermostatic cartridges with Thermo Balance, which make the taps environmentally friendly and safe.
10. With regard to the wall-mounted washbasin and shower mixers of the Excellence series, in the Design Project programme, a version with the handle turned by 180° is available – at no extra cost – to improve the look. In fact, this solution hides the cover cap for the lever fixing from view as well as the necessary rear cut-out.

Consultation of the catalogue is particularly easy and facilitated by a series of icons – found in the description of each individual article – which allow immediate identification of each model and its characteristics.
To download the Artis catalogue, click on the following link.