Waiting for Spark One to sparkle

Work has begun on the facades of Spark One, the first of two buildings in the new office and commercial complex promoted by Lendlease, an international real estate group specialising in the regeneration of urban areas and designed by Progetto CMR, a Milan-based integrated design company. The complex marks the restart of the Milano Santa Giulia district, where one of the largest Business Districts in Milan and Italy is under construction.
The two buildings will rise in the immediate vicinity of the Milano Rogoredo railway and underground station: a “spark” of rebirth, as its name suggests, which marks a turning point in the development of the Santa Giulia district.

The design of Spark One and Spark Two is the result of an integrated approach between urban planning, flow analysis, design of outdoor spaces and architecture, which aims to redefine a new identity for the area itself inspired by the concepts of community, sustainability, efficiency and participation. The project envisages the construction of two office buildings with nine floors above ground, with a ground floor for commercial activities, creating a new meeting place and a new attraction for the entire area. The new space is osmotically connected with the external areas: great attention has been paid to green areas, pedestrian and vehicular connections, creating a new sense of liveability through the construction of welcoming and stimulating spaces.

The dynamic and lively character of the external context also animates the building itself, a sculptural object but never static, in open dialogue with the surrounding fabric. The façade is in fact characterised by a particular pattern of elements offering sun protection, which emphasise the horizontal nature of the complex and at the same time create plays of light and shimmering reflections that change throughout the day. On the north and south sides of the building there are open spaces, fully accessible and usable, of different sizes, which contribute to the sense of “movement” and dynamism of the complex, which almost seems to be moved by the wind, “lifted” by the trains whizzing by the nearby railway station.
Spark One and Spark Two are expected to be completed between the end of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022.
For more information on the Milano Santa Giulia Business District, visit www.santagiuliaspark.com.

LOCATION Milan, Italy
YEAR 2022