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Voormalig koetshuis Bussum – Residential project

“I am an architectural and interior designer. I prefer to work with total concepts because “an interior is much more than a collection of furniture”. Or translated into musical terms: individual notes do not make a melody.” (Jan-Evert De Brouwer)

Designed by De Brouwer | Binnenwerk, this residential project in Bussum is a perfect example of harmony and cohesion, where Vicenza Stone, in the Grigio Alpi quality, becomes one of the protagonists.

A home is much more comfortable if there is optimal cohesion. The melody line, the repetition in the composition and the logic in themes make it an organic whole. Only then does harmony arise in the melody.
The use of materials and color choices are important elements in this. I like to work with pure materials such as wood, metal, stone and concrete. The “real” colors of the materials are the starting point for my designs. The application of materials in an alternative way is an adventure. It often produces surprising results!” (Jan-Evert De Brouwer)

For this project, approximately 70 sqm of Grigio Alpi lightly brushed have been installed as wall cladding and flooring in the elegant bathrooms, while the living room is embellished by a modern fireplace in the same stone.
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