VoipVoice Headquarters by LDA_iMdA architetti associati

The VoipVoice project, born in the Empoli manufacturing region of the Florentine countryside, is part of a research program which aims to reactivate industrial areas that saw in 2008 an hole in the construction process due to the building industry crisis.

The VoipVoice project introduces a significative element, innovative and compatible with the state of the places where the new activity is inserted.

The most relevant project points:
1_ to break the boundary between private and public space by opening the front area of the building to create a new connection with the “city”
2_ the use of an expanded metal on the facade filter without hiding the organization marketing and research work of the company
3_ to recall metaphorically the digital network focused on the VoipVoice’s business and the contemporary society’s engine, by using the same material on the façade;
4_ to create views over the surrounding hills and landscape;
5_ to research innovation as innovative are the VoipVoice’s activities: marketing, communication, and network services.
6_to create a perfect link between light, materials and shadows so that it can produce above all, in the people who use the workspace, positive feelings, wonder and amazement.