Vault1, a new street food concept

The urban style venue, opened in December 2020, interprets new needs and offers a new way of experiencing food. From an old goods warehouse to a new gourmet street food venue: this is the evolution of a building in the Port of Malta, on the Birgu waterfront, reinterpreted and designed by DAAA Haus (Design, Art & Architecture Associates), a multidisciplinary architecture and interior design studio founded by Keith Pillow, with offices in Malta and Milan.
Vault1 takes the name of the original warehouse and is now many things in one.

An elegant interior design project, a new street food concept, but also a challenge: that of bringing together the charm of a 1450 building with a gourmet street food space of contemporary design.
But it is also a challenge to open to the public in December 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, with an unusual structure, designed to enhance aesthetics and guarantee safe use, according to what may be the canons of the “new normal”.

DAAA Haus chose to respond to all these requirements by using a container placed inside the majestic building with its vaulted ceiling: a solution that made it possible to reinvent the environment without intervening on the historic structure.
Inside, the gourmet restaurant with an industrial flavour offers unique experiences, including take-away food.

Raw wood, metal and concrete meet in a minimalist approach and a refined urban style. The restaurant’s style is reflected in fun boxes and packaging, used to bring typical dishes to the table, from salads to gourmet pizzas, through an elegant interpretation of street food, or for take-away sales. A formula that has proved to be successful: since opening, Vault1 has already registered 3,000 customers and 1,800 separate take-away deliveries.

Electronic ordering and payment are just some of the features designed to achieve what Keith Pillow, creative director and founder of DAAA Haus, says is an interpretation of a new restaurant concept: “We can think of the present with everything hands-free; doors, handwashing facilities, lights, trash containers, condiments, menu ordering, contactless ordering and payment systems and much more. But people, above all, need to buy into fun and engaging experiences that are memorable, no matter what. Whether building it for those who experience it inside the restaurant, or for those who order online and consume at home, the experience will increasingly be the element that makes the difference”.


YEAR 2020
PHOTO Diana Iskander