TYK+ is the new projector that shapes the night-time soul of architecture.
Extremely well-designed but minimalist, TYK+  is winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the Product Design 2021 section. TYK+ was selected from among thousands of candidate products and awarded by an international jury with years of experience and technical expertise, which only awards this precious seal of quality to products with excellent design.

TYK+ is the quintessence of structural development in the field of outdoor architecture by PERFORMANCE iN LIGHTING. Beauty and essential design, where the proportions remain consistent across the different dimensions of the series, enrich the technical soul of the product. The core of TYK+ is an elegant blend of the latest technology available to illuminate architecture in a professional manner. Each custom-designed optical unit provides specific effects to ensure an exceptionally sharp, homogeneous and extremely comfortable light beam. This series is a “universal” architectural lighting tool: it allows the designer to illuminate horizontal and vertical surfaces with absolute precision, to dose light and shade in a targeted manner, to alternate light and dark areas and to compose them effectively. Options for RGBW colour mixing and DALI DT8 dynamic white (TW) complete the range.
Each custom-designed optic unit provides specific effects to achieve an exceptionally sharp, homogeneous and extremely comfortable light beam.

Architectural lighting is definitely divided between INDOOR and OUTDOOR.
For this reason TYK+ is available with different colour temperatures and different colour rendering indexes; in a night environment, the human eye is more inclined to perceive contrasts rather than colours, and in cases of low illuminance levels, it prefers “warm” colours. Everything changes during the day or in well-lit environments, where the perception of colour becomes an important discriminator.

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