TUBES new perspectives 2020

New perspectives 2020 is the new radiator collection presented during the conference on 25.11.2020 by the historic Tubes company, developed in collaboration with Milo studio, specialized in interior design.

“You already know it, but you don’t know it” is the slogan that introduces the new collection, which includes some of the classic products that have long become the company’s signature.
New Perspectives takes up these items and completely revolutionises them, transforming them into timeless, spaceless, universal objects.

The presentation was presented by Cristiano Crosetta (CEO) and Antonia Crosetta (Brand & Contract Manager)  , who explained how this innovation was made possible thanks to the commitment of the company’s R&D department, and also thanks to the use of new technology machinery.
Guests Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, and Nicola De Ponti, the designers who collaborated in the creation of the collection’s historic products, exhibited the products.
The first project, Design House, included the innovative Rift/reverse, initially produced in 2014, now acquiring the added value of modularity, flexibility. The mink of space changes, Rift/reverse is no longer just a radiator fixed to the wall, but becomes a multifunctional object, as well as aesthetic. The new 90° rotation allows the product to serve no longer only as a radiator, but also as a shelf or towel warmer for the bathroom. The object is also highly customizable: buyers can in fact customize the radiator through the choice of colours, the balance of sliding, the addition of functionality with special wooden tops.
The Casa Atelier project, of which the Milano/horizontal product is part, was then exhibited.
Among the most iconic creations of the company, Milano/horizontal was born as the first freestanding radiator. Today it recovers the classicism of the radiator attached to the wall hanging from the ceiling. With its plastic and contemporary shape, Milano/horizontal is also an elegant and elegant product, with the characteristic of having a style that is transversal to any kind of design (in fact, you can notice how the object can recall the shape of other objects, such as lamps).
Last but not least, Boutique Hotel presented the new version of the Soho/electrical radiator, a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic radiator, simple and minimal. Efficient, innovative, completely customizable thanks to the different colours available of the aluminium that covers the product, Soho/electrical is a radiator suitable for every room of the house, of every style.

Each of these projects also features innovations concerning the technology of their operation. The new products, in fact, in addition to being electric, are equipped with touch controls and a wireless connection thermostat, through which you can adjust or set the temperature even remotely.

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TUBES, new perspectives 2020
Art Direction Studio MILO
Production by Diorama.EU