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Trame, the new mosaic proposal by FRIUL MOSAIC.

From the successful collaboration between FRIUL MOSAIC and gumdesign comes a new and fresh composition: TRAME.

FRIUL MOSAIC continues its artisanal journey inspired by the world of weaving by presenting a project by Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi, included in the CONTEMPORARY catalog.


“The Tuscan design studio, first with the PAESAGGIO collection and the LA CASA DI PIETRA project, and now with TRAME, manages to capture the essence of our passion, the art of mosaic and the value of our labor.” Nicola Avoledo of Friul Mosaic.


Interwoven like the threads that make up a carpet, the mosaic tesserae dance softly, forming a creative and elegant novelty in mosaic art. Gumdesign has brought this personal rhythmic interpretation of texture, alternating bundles of small 5mm mosaic tiles with larger marble parts.

TRAME expresses the philosophy of FRIUL MOSAIC for which the craftsman must not be entrenched in tradition but must always be curious, constantly innovating in search of architectural and furnishing solutions made with precision and rigor but also creativity and curiosity.


“It is important to convey the versatility of our work, we like to range from artistic mosaic with even large-scale reproduction of works or custom designs, to geometries, joints, minimal and modern patterns. Combinations of styles and techniques.” concludes Nicola Avoledo.


Inside the laboratory of FRIUL MOSAIC, the mosaic artisans cut the tiles by hand using the hammer, and thus create shapes and mosaics intended to last over time.


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