Tower C at Shenzen Bay Super Headquarter Base

Shenzhen, China has recently become a place of particular interest for the development of skyscrapers and megastructures intended to transform the city’s urban appearance.

The company Zaha Hadid Architectures, currently under the direction of Patrik Schumacher, has won the competition for the design of Tower C, a mixed-use structure to be built in the new Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base financial centre.

The building will reach a height of 400 metres, making it one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city; it will consist of two towers connected by a multi-storey “bridge”, which will include terraces and vertical gardens with aquaponic systems, allowing plants to be grown in water.

The tower will be built adjacent to a public park and will represent an upward extension of this park thanks to the terraced floors, creating new public space and qualitatively enriching the city, which is increasingly dynamic and destined to become a global centre of technological innovation.

Tower C will be part of a complex of buildings, will have a capacity of about 300,000 and will house conference centres, exhibition spaces and art galleries, offices, hotels, residential blocks, gardens and a “coastal zone”.
In addition, there will be an underground connection to the Shenzen underground and bicycle storage facilities to encourage citizens to travel there by bicycle or public transport.

The structure will feature a stepped glass façade with operable cavities on the outside, allowing for better shading and natural ventilation.
Inside spaces will be column-free and lit mainly by natural light thanks to the large windows.

Particular attention has been paid to the choice of building materials, mostly recycled or with a low amount of embedded carbon.
Sustainability will also be supported by water collection and recycling systems and a photovoltaic system that will produce solar energy.
In addition, an intelligent management system will monitor outdoor and indoor temperatures and automatically regulate heating to minimise any kind of energy waste.


PROJECT Tower C at Shenzen Bay Super Headquarter Base
ARCHITECTS Zaha Hadid Architects
LOCATION Shenzen, China
YEAR in progress