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Towards the future with TECLA

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) 2021 will be the stage for TECLA, the new MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects project that aims at a more sustainable future. TECLA is in fact 17 innovative sustainable building projects featured at Build Better Now, the virtual exhibition to be held during COP26, and is the result of a fusion of architecture, design and green goals. Born in Italy, TECLA – Technology and Clay is an innovative circular model of housing in which research on traditional local building practices, the study of climate and the use of natural and local materials converge.

It is an almost zero-emissions project, its envelope and the use of a totally local material, clay, has allowed to reduce waste and scrap. The clay is dug, shaped, inhabited and, once it is no longer needed, it can simply return to the ground, in a virtually infinite cycle that leaves no trace on the planet. The walls have an organic cave-like curvature and provide structural stability, but also act as a thermal barrier. The prototype can be built in different environments and can adapt its shape and structure to climate and latitude. In addition, thanks to the collaboration with WASP, the project was realized by implementing the technique of the 3D, another step towards the future of construction. Furniture designed to be recycled and reused completes TECLA’s picture of a circular economy.

MC A – Mario Cucinella Architects has been involved in the initiative because of its constant commitment to finding solutions to current environmental and social challenges, through projects in which beauty goes beyond aesthetics and which guarantee energy efficiency, with respect for the needs of people and the places where it operates. The Studio’s design activity is based on many inputs, from the knowledge of traditional environmental techniques to new technologies, in order to create buildings able to reduce their carbon footprint, aligned with international goals and with a positive impact on society.

Project: TECLA
Architects: Mario Cucinella Architects
Year: 2021
Photo: Iago Corazza and Mario Cucinella Architects