Totem and Taboo, the upside-down world

On the occasion of Milano Design City, in the setting of Palazzo Recalcati inside the exhibition rooms of the Wannenes Auction House, from 5th to 11th October HoperAperta presents the exhibition Totem e Tabù ovvero Il Mondo Capovolto, a collection of installation-objects conceived as unique pieces that reread and reinterpret the relationship between totemic figures and aesthetic taboos in the contemporary world, between the structure of everyday objects and the poetic imagination of the work of art.
On show are the works of art design by Angela Ardisson, designer, Maurizio Barberis artist, Alfonso Femia / AF* Design architect, Dario Ghibaudo, artist, Duccio Grassi architect, Steve Piccolo, sound artist, Davide Valoppi / Studio Noarc architect, Alberto Vannetti, artist.

HoperAperta is a cultural platform, a project shared by several actors, invited to collaborate on a common path to relate different skills, art, design and high craftsmanship. The projects will be carried out in collaboration with Italian companies – C.L. Italia, Cromonichel, Julia Marmi, Marmi Faedo – active in the field of marble, stone, wood, metal and brass working, and will give life to a series of unique pieces that aim at developing a virtual catalogue of works that will add and enrich the experience of the past edition of HoperAperta.

This is how Angela Ardisson presents the Kepler light installation, a perfect sphere inspired by a NASA mission, Maurizio Barberis the Studiolo collector’s cabinet, a work in itself to house objects and works of art. And again the work by Alfonso Femia, a Star Map inspired by the oldest known, the Disco di Nebra, Dario Ghibaudo with three works that are part of his Museum of Unnatural History. And finally the Triptych by Duccio Grassi, a modular furnishing system with circular shelves, La Pirogue by Davide Valloppi, a sculpture table with anthropomorphic light and with the tapestry Utopie and Gloria, the Golden Fleece, Alberto Vannetti faces the myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece. Moreover, the sound designer Steve Piccolo, musical author and artist active in the New York scene of the nineties, proposes a site-specific videomusic performance.

HoperAperta, in fact, in this particular moment, felt the need to expand the boundaries of its experience by associating a series of video proposals to the exhibition project – including the one created ad hoc by Steve Piccolo – which could be the premises for a 2021 edition, also involving Álvaro Catalán De Ocón, Mariano Martín, LOT-EK and Tom Piper, authors linked to the cities of Madrid and New York, places that are particularly active at the moment from the point of view of artistic offer, as well as, like Milan, hard hit by the pandemic.
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