Three new colour palettes by Victoria + Albert

The British company Victoria + Albert Baths, a globally recognised brand for exclusive baths and washbasins, has teamed up with the British magazine Wallpaper to create new and original RAL colour palettes.
This collaboration has resulted in three new colour ranges that bring joy and calm to the most intimate spaces in the home. The Wavelenghts colour range is inspired by deep, dark oceans, evoking feelings of calm and well-being while creating a flowing dialogue between solid and liquid forms. Dune Retreat, on the other hand, is warmth, contemplation, escapism; inspired by the shifting sands of the desert, this colour range evokes natural minerals such as feldspar, quartz, ochre and terracotta in the sun. Light Industrielle is an urban, powerful, refined yet functional shade range, distinguished by a stealthy steel aesthetic whose monochromatic minimalism is accented by a subtle orange.
These evocative personalised colour ranges are ideal for customising the exterior of freestanding baths and washbasins with a wide range of RAL colours in gloss or matt finishes. Each finish is multi-layered, applying a special catalysed paint that is polished by hand between applications to achieve an unsurpassed gloss. More durable than hand-painted surfaces and with greater visual impact, Victoria + Albert colours add an exclusive touch to any bathtub.
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