The sustainable design of ExyCell® modular cleanrooms by Exyte

Exyte – a world leader in the design, engineering and supply of high-technology, environmentally friendly production facilities for the pharmaceutical industries – has successfully completed construction of the first ExyCell® GMP plant in China, the CliniMACS Cell Factory® in partnership with Miltenyi Biotec, a global provider of integrated solutions for Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMP).

The patented ExyCell technology has been developed as an integrated end-to-end solution for advanced biotechnology pharmaceutical plants and is based on standardised and modularised construction elements, prefabricated in Exyte Technology’s Shanghai workshops. These pre-configured and pre-fabricated elements enable faster design and construction of production facilities, which also reduces the time to market for new biotech drugs and vaccines.

The facility combines the CliniMACS Cell Factory production platform with the prefabricated ExyCell module, enabling the rapid implementation of small-, medium- and large-scale cell production facilities based on a scalable and flexible cell therapy production module. The winning combination of the open-configuration CliniMACS Cell Factory concept integrated in the ExyCell cleanroom module offers all the flexibility needed to build, scale up, expand or retrofit a facility with minimal impact on ongoing manufacturing operations.

The ExyCell platform can be purchased as a standard version or adapted to your specific needs for production capacity, cleanroom size, control systems and finishing options. ExyCell cleanroom sizes range from small, fully equipped and operational 75 m² turnkey facilities for a CliniMACS Cell Factory of one to twelve CliniMACS Prodigy® units, to thousands of square metres capable of housing hundreds of cell production units. An ExyCell plant can be installed with great time savings in a new purpose-designed building or in an existing building, the design can be adapted to any architectural and process layout. The ecological footprint is greatly reduced thanks to innovative air treatment solutions created by Exyte for cleanrooms worldwide.
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