The right space for work

The Ankarchitects studio has created the new executive spaces for Leader Time, a company based in Breganze in the province of Vicenza. This project has also become an opportunity to investigate the scope of the “work space”, thanks to their collaboration with the company Estel, the true ambassador of the Italian Smart Office.
The intent of the studio was to overturn the architectural geometries of the pre-existing envelope and bend them to the needs of the new company: more natural light, large indoor and outdoor spaces and a new corporate image.
Inside the existing structure was built the new office building with a prefabricated iron core, with a technical and functional design, divided on two levels connected to large open spaces in continuous dialogue with the external porticoes and the green façade.
Giving each operator the best possible workplace was the main challenge. For this reason, large semi-public and private spaces, large glass surfaces overlooking the outside/inside of the porticoes, flooring and fine furnishings have been created. All this was designed according to criteria of adaptability of spaces, micro-ventilation and highly efficient air conditioning systems.
The environments presented are technical and material: the natural wood flooring, the thinking carpentry in black and grey shades, the translucent windows, the minimal operating furniture and the light, both natural and artificial, construct the architecture of the new company that slowly reveals itself from the outside to the inside.
The company is located in a traditional craft area of the Veneto plain, saturated with heterogeneous and disharmonious buildings. Intervening on the façade of the building envelope was – at the same time – an opportunity to rise up from the context and a necessity to contain and channel the sun’s contributions inside the premises.
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PHOTO by Luca Casonato