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Pergo expertise in the hotel industry in Cortina

On March 18th, in Cortina d’Ampezzo, major developers, including international ones, architects, independent structures and political institutions, coordinated by MC International in the “Winter Games Hospitality & Development” project, will meet to discuss the opportunities for relaunching local hospitality through the creation of new services and facilities destined to host the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

Environmental sustainability will be an essential theme and Pergo has decided to participate in the event by presenting its cutting-edge offer also from this point of view. From structures representing large chains such as the Radisson in various countries to small boutique hotels such as the Langhe Country House, there are hundreds of hotels around the world that boast a Pergo floor. Where high-performance flooring is required, in hotels but also in restaurants and public places with high traffic, Pergo is unrivalled, both for its resistance, even in humid environments and in conditions of high stress, and for its aesthetic quality. The composition of the laminate flooring with 100% reclaimed wood also makes Pergo a truly sustainable choice. Pergo is the original, having invented the very first laminate over forty years ago, and with it an entire collection of floors that last. And, also in Italy, the long experience in providing efficient and performing floors makes UNILIN the ideal partner in case of new projects or hotel renovations, thanks also to the wide range of proposals.

At the Alexander Girardi Hall in Cortina, through an articulated program of speeches by exceptional speakers, the massive construction plan will be exposed in the short, medium and long term: short term, as many structures of the famous Dolomite resort are now approaching restyling and maintenance works; medium term, for the definition of new growth areas and reception complexes with larger investments; long term, finally, to decipher what may be the reconversion of use after the closure of the 2026 Winter Olympics and the functioning of the city even in periods other than the traditional tourist seasons. Structured in two sessions, the meeting aims to highlight the opportunities for the relaunch and the correct destination of mountain accommodation complexes, intended both as services, sports and urban, and as hotels, short-rental apartments and bed & breakfasts.

Always synonymous with quality, Pergo is the laminate flooring that combines ease of installation with the freedom to combine different shades and surfaces. In particular, with the Sensation range, Pergo succeeds in offering a waterproof laminate with a natural look, enhanced by a new matte finish that adds to the sensation of real wood. Thanks to an innovative technique capable of perfectly reproducing the deep wood grain, the effect is truly stunning. In addition to the aesthetic guarantee, a Pergo laminate floor will make hotel rooms look new every time, unlike natural wood that is subject to changes in color over time. The unique TitanX™ technology gives the floor excellent protection from dirt, dust, stains and wear. This makes the floors hygienic, so cleaning will be quick and effective.

Thanks to the most advanced AquaSafe® technology ever, floors enjoy certified resistance to standing water for up to 24 hours and an additional specific warranty against flood damage for up to 10 years, even in bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, Pergo Sensation floors are quick and easy to install thanks to the unique Perfect Fold 3.0™ interlocking system: the stable locking mechanism reduces the risk of sagging or height differences and ensures a flat floor, so they can be installed without glue, greatly simplifying the installation process.

Pergo laminate floors are characterized not only by their high performance, but above all by their environmental sustainability, because they are made of 100% reclaimed wood, with no plastic, glue or harmful solvents, and can therefore be incinerated and potentially recycled at the end of their life. Floors made of wood, but without cutting down a single tree to produce them. Through its parent company UNILIN, Pergo flooring was the first to receive the European Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification, the official Scandinavian Green Swan, for laminate flooring, along with other certificates and quality requirements.


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