The new Ersel Bank in Milan

In the 1930s, Milan was a city of water: the Navigli, the Lambro and the Ticino traced the routes of public life, defined meeting places and routes. And it was in this Milan that the building destined to be the headquarters of the Società Elettrica Generale dell’Adamello was constructed in 1928.  The building was taken over in 2018 by Ersel Spa, today one of the largest private banking groups in Italy specialising in wealth management.
Winner, in 2018, of the competition by invitation for the redevelopment of the building, Alfonso Femia – founder of the Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia studio – developed the project, conducting philological research, delving into the building’s genesis and its transformations over the decades.

The new concept is respectful of the existing building without renouncing a functional modernisation, calibrated on the needs expressed by the client and on the enhancement of the original compositional focus.
The definition of a flexible layout for the internal spatial organisation, developed through the adoption of dry technology, was an element of reconciliation between the historical pre-existence and contemporary objectives.
The project involved the entire building: four floors above ground and the basement, a new roof to make the top floor usable, the insertion of a green area in the inner courtyard, the replacement of the mechanical and water systems and the creation of a hall, a generous dimension inviting to pause, gather and share.

Careful restoration work was carried out on the façade on Via Caradosso and the original portions. New high-performance wooden windows and doors were installed, adapted to the requirements for energy-efficient envelope.
The front facing the courtyard was updated and the façades redefined with a superfetation on the roof level and additions for the vertical connection elements.
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Project: Ersel bank
Studio: Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia
Location: Milan
Year: 2022
Photographs: Stefano Anzini