The house of luminous stalactites

In cinematography, the use of a prevailing color for the scenography of a film is among the various levels of narration of the story represented and it is useful for emphasizing the emotions and actions of the characters in the scene.
The first sensation one gets when walking through the rooms of this small house is precisely connected to the déjà vu of color, which seems to be the prelude to the future scenes to which the rooms, set up in this way, will act as a backdrop.

Each room, therefore, is assigned a color which, reiterated in the precious Vietri ceramic tiles and in the custom-designed furnishings, forms the background for the singular ceilings of a very candid white from which, with iridescent geometric rules, descend the trunks of square-based pyramid, upside down, like stereometric luminous stalactites.

Thus, the motif defined by the lighting system becomes the indispensable pretext for unifying the chromatic diversity of the environments in a single reason, made up of the visual story constituted, in turn, by the collection of different perspective sequences.
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PROJECT The house of luminous stalactites
ARCHITECTS Gambardellarchitetti
LOCATION Naples, Italy
YEAR 2020
LEAD DESIGNER Simona Ottieri Gambardella
TEXT Luigi Arcopinto
PHOTO Cherubino Gambardella