The discreet elegance of glassdraftAir

Siemens Elettrodomestici brings the design of the living area directly into the future with the new telescopic cooktop hood glassdraftAir, a perfect representation of the brand’s core values: design, innovation and technology meet once again in a product studied to integrate perfectly with the rest of the kitchen environment and allow the end user to experience a new dimension of freedom in everyday life.
The glassdraftAir hood combines cutting-edge technological performance with a seamless design that elegantly adapts to open space kitchens. The new hood interprets contemporary style in a Siemens key, meeting the most recent living trends, where the kitchen opens up and becomes one with the living area, inviting an even greater sharing of space in the home.

The glassdraftAir hood is equipped with Guided Air, which controls the air flow of fumes and vapours: an additional V-shaped air curtain is created behind the glass panel, which pushes the rising cooking vapour downwards. This creates a negative pressure in front of the extraction area, ensuring perfect extraction. In addition, glassdraftAir is able to adjust its performance in real time according to need: via WiFi, the hood is directly attuned to the hob and the two appliances together, thanks to the climateControl and cookConnect sensors, automatically measure the amount of smoke and odours in the air.

The superior suction performance is combined with the clean and refined design of the concealed polished glass panel, which only emerges when in use, thus optimising space. Thanks to the emotionLight pro technology, glassdraftAir allows you to create the right atmosphere at any time, according to the style of the kitchen: with a choice of nine colours, you can illuminate the glass with a beam of LED light, enhancing the entire cooking area in an even more unique and attractive way. You can also create your own personalised colour using Home Connect, the app that lets you control your Siemens StudioLine appliances wherever you are.
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