The colours of Venice

The Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani in Venice is one of the most recent and prestigious realisations by Concreta, the Postalesio-based company specialising in excellent contracting for hotels, commercial spaces and residential areas.

The Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani is located in the heart of the Cannaregio district. The building that houses the hotel is a historic 16th-century mansion that belonged to the ancient Nani family. Over the years, various properties have succeeded one another and the palace has changed use several times. Objects and documents testifying to the palace’s previous lives were found during construction work.

A prestigious hospitality brand in the world, Radisson Group wanted to transform this historic mansion into a charming hotel with 52 rooms and suites and 3 private flats.

For this hotel, Concreta designed all the common spaces based on a project by Studio Marco Piva, which devised a ‘box-in-the-box’ furnishing concept aimed at keeping the palace’s strong historical identity intact, enriching it with a language of elegant contemporaneity.
The spaces are large and bright, some of them overlook the Cannaregio Canal and offer chromatic tones that recall the nuances of the frescoed ceilings, in combination with intensely coloured seats that recall the expressions and values of the territory, the colours of water, the reflections of glass, the interiors of gondolas.

The realisation of the common areas in this project takes on a very special significance, as the hotel was conceived as a place of hospitality open to the city and usable by those who wish to enjoy the restaurant, the enchanting ‘secret’ garden and the relaxation of the lounge bar and lobbies.
In all the common areas of the Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani one can read the sign of a formal balance of decorativism, leaving the viewer free to enjoy these spaces and take in the infinite suggestions that come from the lagoon city.

The continuous dialogue and full harmony that characterised the collaboration between the designers of Studio Marco Piva and the Concreta team – from the choice of colours and materials to the sharing of prototypes – made it possible to translate the inspiring concept into a high-profile realisation, fully responding to the contents and requirements of the project and the client.
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Project: Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani
Studio: Marco Piva
Contract: Concreta
Location: Venice, Italy