The Burj Residence in Dubai

VSHD Design was founded in 2007 by architect Rania Hamed, and has since created projects all over the world, such as Dubai, Cairo, London. VSHD is recognised for its elegant taste and attention to design, functionality and quality, and to achieve these goals, collaboration between architectural and interior experts is important.

The project in described is located in one of Dubai‘s busiest residential areas and is therefore surrounded by many low-rise dwellings.
The client required a structural design that would ensure the highest level of privacy in a 1600 square metre plot of land on which to build the residential residence.
The large size of the project and the need for just the right amount of lighting led VSHD Design to envision an L-shaped house that faces into the interior of the plot, allowing guests to enjoy the pool and lush garden in peace and quiet away from the outside environment.
The entrance to the building is a kind of experience that starts from the outer walls and takes full advantage of the size of the land, while wooden structures create a kind of corridor separating it from the street.

One of the biggest challenges is the definition of majesty. In an area that is still widely expected to be full of sparkle, it is necessary to create a grandiose atmosphere, but one that stands out through elegant restraint.
A concept usually used in museums and large galleries, this project masters proportions, using natural materials and ample lighting.
Therefore, the stairs are the central part of the project. All stair openings are installed with doors and windows that reach the ceiling level.
The transparent profile with sliding glass doors at wide intervals forms a seamless boundary between the outside and the inside. This allows the house to have a direct view of the pool and garden and establishes a visual connection between all living spaces.

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PROJECT The Burj Residence
YEAR 2019
PHOTO Koen Van Damme, Nik and Tam