The bathroom of the future

With the Viu ceramics range, the XViu furniture range, and the matching bathtubs, Duravit and sieger design realize a complete bathroom range that exudes forward-looking design. The post-industrial elegance of the pieces emerges from the interaction of soft, organic forms with a precise geometry and details finished to a previously unattained level of perfection. Sharp contrasts arise from surfaces that combine the finest ceramics, glass and metal with matt lacquers or high-quality woods.

The new range covers the entire bathroom: the washing, bathing and toilet area. Recurrent design elements and special details are defining elements of the harmonious interior design. The highlight is a washing area variant based on the patented Duravit c-bonded technology. With the new width dimensions, washing places from 450 to 1200 mm can now be realized. This creates even more flexibility in bathroom planning. The exterior is a strict rectangle, while the interior features gentle organic curves with a spacious inner basin and generous shelf. The edge running along the tap platform continues as a subtle outer line. The subtle detail of the horizontal overflow within the basin underlines the horizontal alignment of the external shape. The ceramic on the inside is reminiscent of the softness of water. Some surprising details: The white ceramic cover of the push-open valve is flush with the inner basin in the open position. The prominent contour of the supporting metal console with its V-shape profile in elegant Champagne Matt or avant garde Black Matt creates dynamic interest. Individual combinations can be realized thanks to the glass shelf which is available in four colors.

From a different angle, the three-dimensional feet of the metal console are visually transformed into fine lines. This level of perfection extends right into the tiniest detail. The acrylic paneling on the underside of the basin conceals the fixing structure, cables, and connecting hoses, with the result that the elaborate technology, for example for the D.1e electronic faucet, does not impact the design.

Fully glazed from beneath, the Viu washbasins, available in five sizes as well as a handrinse basin, are also ideally suited as individual solutions. Their shape follows the design of the c-bonded washbasin.
The lateral profiles of the mirrors and the mirror cabinets with fully-mirrored sides reflect the individual design language of XViu. Models fitted with a sensor switch offer maximum comfort with dimmable lighting. The variant with icon control on the mirror surface, a first for mirror cabinets, also features the ambient light mode and colored light switching function. Heating is available for all mirrors, and a standard feature for icon variants.

A further highlight of the XViu series is the free-standing bathtub, an eye-catching centerpiece. Here, too, the prominent metal frame with the familiar V-shaped profile comes in Champagne Matt or Black Matt as a contrast to the high-gloss white acrylic. It supports the free-standing bathtub itself a precise rectangle when viewed from above, with an ergonomic and organic free form interior. The precise finishing and perfect aesthetics, also subtly integrating the outlet, underline the sophisticated design.

The interplay of the basic geometric shape, with its precise plan view, and optimized gentle inner shape is also a key feature of the toilet in the range. Metal push buttons positioned on the sides allow the removal of the seat cover, making cleaning easier. The technically-demanding realization of the open flushing rim thanks to improved Duravit Rimless® technology ensures outstanding flushing performance. SensoWash® Slim is available as an option for the toilet. The combination with the Duravit A2 electronic actuator plate and matching wall-mounted element provides operating comfort of the highest standard.
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