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The art of wood

The collaboration between Marco Piva and Arte Brotto is the concrete image of two Italian excellences appreciated all over the world, which together give life to a collection – Principe – that gives new centrality to elegance as an aesthetic and functional value.
Arte Brotto is an Italian company, with over 50 years of history and international experience, capable of creating top of the range wooden furniture, with complete control of the wood supply chain, which translates into quality that also means respect for nature and the forest ecosystem.

Principe offers a wide selection of furniture and furnishing accessories for the living and sleeping areas, providing interior designers and final customers with pieces of extraordinary workmanship, where Walnut wood meets leather and fabrics, metal elements and inserts, and the transparencies of crystal.

The Elementa flooring collection – born from the collaboration between Marco Piva and Foglie d’Oro – can be defined as a contemporary idea of sustainable luxury. The 6 different floorings are modules that can be contaminated without ever losing their identity and recognisability.
The protagonist is wood in all its best essences, of which Foglie d’Oro knows every secret thanks to complete control of the production chain, from the choice of raw materials directly at the source to installation, passing through a highly experienced technical office and totally in-house production, with a unique warehouse for the quantity and quality of the wood.

The grains and peculiarities of wood are the inspiration for patterns with a clearly recognisable decorative impact. Eco, Ritma, Zago, Unda, Alveo, Regolo: each module evokes suggestions in which nature and design meet and gives life to different compositional possibilities, which in turn can be interpreted with material or chromatic contrasts, returning a surface that knows how to become sophisticated and suggestive also thanks to the inserts, to be chosen both with different wood finishes and with metals and marbles, for unusual combinations able to satisfy different living styles.

In the Principe and Elementa collections, Marco Piva’s creativity meets and enhances the knowledge with which Arte Brotto transforms the extraordinary qualities of wood into works of excellent workmanship, strictly Italian and naturally international.