The 50’s by Cesar

Designed by Garcia Cumini, The 50’s is the contemporary reinterpretation of bookcases and shelving systems of the 1950s. In an open domestic environment without any walls – a common thread in the careful design of all Cesar home elements – The 50’s is suited for the kitchen, dining room, and living room areas.

Thanks to its versatility, The 50’s structure permits small appliance, oven, and wine cellar installations, as well as compartments for kitchen components such as open and closed storage areas, and bottle or glass holders. By organising and arranging the glass shelves to envision a more eclectic use of furnishings and moving away from the functional constraints of dining areas, the wall system designed by Garcia Cumini elegantly lends itself to unite harmoniously the different domestic environments.

Based on this wall system design concept, The 50’s has evolved and become double-sided as it rises to the ceiling and becomes a central element of the room, assuming the role of space divider. This architecture of objects and not just walls lets the different spaces interact between themselves. All The 50’s modules have been redesigned to adapt to the double-sided version which also includes the new 120 cm size. All of the different versions of The 50’s integrate into the kitchen more efficiently than before, thanks to the possibility of having a central island. Whether equipped for the kitchen or chosen for the living and dining areas, The 50’s is a multifaceted and multifunctional solution that spontaneously and naturally integrates into the home. While its unique finishes and layout characteristics make it an autonomous and stand-alone system, it simultaneously opens a dialogue both between the spaces and the other products of the Cesar range.


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