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The 5 best places in the home to install a pivot door

Pivot doors offer an almost infinite range of design possibilities, both in terms of size, application areas and materials, and also with regard to their location in the home: there is no environment in which a pivot door would appear out of place. FritsJurgens therefore offers a selection of projects in which pivot doors give special value to different rooms in our homes.

The corridor: place of passage par excellence
The corridor, designed to connect different spaces in the home, becomes the perfect place to make distinctive stylistic choices, experiment with different colours and materials.
Pivot hinges give the door a completely different movement from that of a door with traditional hinges: including the fluid and perfectly controlled movement of a pivot door in the design of the corridor door will allow us, therefore, to transform a simple opening into a welcoming and warm passage to the next room in the house.

The living room
Many modern homes have an open-plan kitchen that opens onto the living area. This solution gives the room a sense of space and openness but can, however, also bring with it a number of disadvantages such as the spread of cooking odours, less privacy and a less welcoming atmosphere. A pivot door – or two pivot doors side by side – preserves the sense of openness and brightness of an open space while considerably reducing its disadvantages. By opting for a glass pivot door, light will continue to filter from one room to another, leaving cooking smells and noise out of the living area while avoiding heat loss from one room to another.

The pantry
The pantry is an excellent choice for installing a bi-fold door in the home. Often, in fact, it is a space to which one does not wish to give too much prominence. A pivot door makes it easy to conceal this space from view, bringing it into line with the style of the rest of the interior. Since a pivot door can be made from almost any material, it will be possible, in practice, to make the door in the same colour or material as the wall intended to house it. The minimal space required around its perimeter allows the door to align itself flush with the wall, “blending in” with the latter when closed.

The office
Today more than ever, working from home has become the norm for many. With a pivot door, it is possible to characterise the office with an inspiring look that provides a pleasant and conciliatory atmosphere. In addition to being an enrichment for the office on the purely aesthetic side, a pivot door can also fulfil purely practical functions. For example, in addition to acting as an opening between one room and another, the door can serve as a bookcase, TV wall or wardrobe.

Doors as partitions
Interior pivot doors can also be used in very large or high interiors. A pivoting wall with several doors is a flexible solution suitable for any installation situation. Alternatively, the installation of pivot doors in a glass wall can be a suitable solution for almost any type of interior, thanks to its ability to create open and bright rooms.Picture 3: Living room | Pivot door Linda Pol – pivot hinge FritsJurgens inside


Picture in the cover: Living room | Pivot door Linda Pol – pivot hinge FritsJurgens inside
Picture 1 of the gallery: Pivot door Möbelbau Breitenthaler – pivot hinge FritsJurgens inside
Picture 2 of the gallery: Corridor | Pivot door Studio Tamat – pivot hinge FritsJurgens inside
Picture 3 of the gallery: Pantry | Pivot door Breitenthaler & Total Solution – pivot hinge FritsJurgens inside
Picture 4 of the gallery: Office | De Rooy pivot door – pivot hinge FritsJurgens inside
Picture 5 of the gallery: Partition | Pivot door Marc Architects – pivot hinge FritsJurgens inside

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