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Swedish Forest – Expo Dubai 2020

On the occasion of the Expo in Dubai, the design of the Swedish Pavilion chooses as its central element a symbol of its lands: the Forest.
The forest as a sanctuary of a constantly evolving ecosystem that becomes a space of spiritual and creative retreat for the soul. The pavilion is designed to recall the natural architecture of the trees that create a path for other people to meet during the visit. A see-and-be-seen marked by tall oak trunks that serve as supporting columns for the elevated spruce bearing structures. The space will serve as a network for creative groups and connection between people through exhibitions and lectures, as well as a space for leisure and relaxation in the cafeteria and dedicated shop.
Sweden evokes itself with an element of its territory and wants to evoke it through the mystery of discovering the forest and those who decide to go through it. Natural materials such as light-colored stone mark the flooring that blend perfectly with the chromatic harmony of the entire pavilion.



Project: The Forest – The Swedish Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai Location: Sustainability area, Expo 2020,

Studio Adrien Gardère: 
Adrien Gardère, Francesca Galdangelo, Marina Khémis, Ji Hyun Kim.
Luigi Pardo Architetti:
Luigi Pardo, Sandra Persiani, Francesco Antinori, Alberto Marletta.
Local architect: Dawson Architects
Project Management: OmniplantDubai, United Arab Emirates Function: Exhibition, conference, shop & café Site area: 2 380 m²
Total pavilion area: ca 2300 m²
Total exhibition area: ca 900 m²
Structure: Cross laminated timber (CLT), tree trunks Design: Alessandro Ripellino Arkitekter: Alessandro Ripellino, Hanna Palmgren, Malin Bergman, Joar Mattsson, Pär-Åke Wiberg, Jose Alba, Eva-Lena Hanses, David Oscarsson, Joanna Attvall, Jon Bossuyt, Therese Svalling;
Client: The committee for Sweden’s participation at Expo 2020
Photo: Alessandro Ripellino