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Sustainable Places 2021 – smart cities and planning

One hundred and fifty projects presented, an overall budget of 876 million euros, 1,500 research and development organisations involved in the projects, over 250 researchers present, and more than thirty plenary speakers: these are the figures behind Sustainable Places 2021. At the Eur congress centre in Rome, from 28 September to 1 October, all the innovation, strategy and thinking for the next metropolises will be on stage.

The scientific and cultural event, with guests from institutions, real estate, industry and design, aims to establish itself as an observatory on smart cities, with a particular focus on the relationship between digital and city.
The Italian edition of 2021, conceived by R2M Solution and PPAN, co-organised with EUR Spa, will be a networking platform for sharing experiences, results, needs and opportunities, and discussing new research trends and innovative prototypes.
Sustainable Places is also the place to disseminate the new EU initiatives, in the context of the Green New Deal, to discuss the political aspects and implementation, to tell about pilot projects through the voice and experience of those who contribute to innovation, in the public and private sectors.

The Sustainable Places initiative, now in its ninth edition, consolidated in the world of international research and academia, arrives in Italy to present the results of hundreds of researchers involved in European projects during workshops and study groups.
The format of the four-day event is based on the idea that innovation promotes competitiveness. In the field of sustainability, for example, it often offers advantageous scenarios at all levels, including end users, with direct effects on the environment. To innovate, however, a change is needed in decision-making processes and knowledge of the rules. A think tank that is an agent of change: hence the idea of a festival that is an opportunity for dialogue and exchange, the activation of partnerships and the driving force behind challenges for the city of tomorrow.

Universities and scholars in the field during the panel discussions. Among the guests on the day of 30 September, with a focus on the capital, “Roma Smart City. A public-private challenge”: Alberto Sasso (president of Eur Spa) with a speech dedicated to a new pact for Eur, Simona Bonafé (MEP), Guglielmo De Gennaro (AgID procurement strategies and market innovation service), Ingrid Paoletti (associate professor at the Politecnico di Milano, author of “Siate materialisti! “), Angelo Di Gregorio (Criet director, professor at the University of Milan-Bicocca), Valentino Sevino (mobility director Amat Milano), Davide Rota (ceo Linkem Spa), Ivan Vigolo (head of Technology & Solutions Acea Group), Stefano Stinchi (public sector director Microsoft Italia), Stefano De Capitani (president Municipia Spa), Marco Marcatili (development manager Nomisma), Leandro Aglieri (president Laboratorio Smart City Roma Capitale), Sam Ramadori (ceo BrainboxAi). For the conclusions of the first day will be present Luca Montuori (Councillor for Urban Planning of Roma Capitale).

“The point of view of the professions and real estate” will be the focus on October 1. Among the participants: Simone Santi (head of offices LendLease Italia), Carlo Castelli (head of cities solutions Europe Jacobs), Gianni Massa (deputy vice-president Cni and editorial director L’Ingegnere Italiano) and Giovanni Cardinale (vice-president Cni, board member Feani), Ralph Appel (president Feani), Georgia Aues Scek Mohamed (head of European financing Cef and Ten-t Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Spa), François Borrelli (ceo Numana), Andrea Vecci (sustainability manager Redo Sgr), Fortunato Federici (Fresia Group management and business development), Umberto Lebruto (FS Sistemi Urbani managing director), Alessandro Lodigiani (R2M Solution Italy country manager), Paolo Testa (head of studies and research, policies for territorial cohesion and the Mezzogiorno Anci), Carola Giuseppetti (Sidief general manager), Alessandro De Biasio (Gabetti Lab CEO), Paolo Micucci (head of engineering & project manager Generali Real Estate), Giovanna Della Posta (Invimit CEO). Ermete Realacci (president of the Symbola Foundation) will conclude the event.
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