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Square Garden


DAP studio / Elena Sacco – Paolo Danelli has created a completely accessible green area, which could be a new reference point for the outskirts of Garbagnate Milanese.
The intervention provided for the redevelopment of a green area in a state of abandonment. The place was located in a peripheral area of Garbagnate Milanese, this area was separated from the city centre by the SS223 which cut the city into two distinct parts. The objective of the project was to generate a new centrality. The project maintained the pre-existing trees by integrating them into a design in which the image of the garden and the idea of the square merge.
The paving in grey concrete blocks was arranged in irregularly wide strips, marked by white concrete kerbs which also have the function of conveying rainwater.
In this grid the green areas, the street furniture and the white concrete lighting system are organized in a coherent and recognizable design.
The park has been designed with a principle of flexibility, which provides for the presence of fixed elements (concrete kerbs, furniture and lighting system) that remain unchanged, while green areas and paved areas can change according to needs.
Particular attention has been paid to the accessibility of the park for disabled people, including all the play areas for children.
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PROJECT Garbagnate Milanese square garden
ARCHITECTS DAP studio / Elena Sacco – Paolo Danelli
LOCATION Garbagnate Milanese
YEAR 2019
PHOTO Atelier xyz