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SIMAS. The magic of mirrors in the bathroom

“In the beginning it was water, then metal sheets expertly polished to reflect light, then glass, and so on. An evolution of materials, processes and uses that are well recounted in mythology, art, paintings, fairy tales, home furnishings and especially in the bathroom”
Since 1955 SIMAS has been expressing creativity and versatility in the production of ceramic sanitaryware. Strictly made in Italy, the company’s goal is to generate current and contemporary trends that last over time. It is a brand that aims at enhancing the historical, cultural and productive heritage of the Italian ceramic tradition, which is why design is so important.
SIMAS, offers a wide range of mirrors, elegant and essential, guaranteed by the Ceramics of Italy brand, ‘seal’ of Confindustria Ceramica and synonymous with Italian excellence. Of any shape or size, classic or modern, the mirror is the element that captures the most attention in the bathroom, it is functional both to the brightness of the room, thanks to its ability to reflect light, and to the enlargement of the surrounding space. Round, oval, rectangular or square, even in large sizes, SIMAS mirrors vary in shape and functionality: from perimeter LED lighting to backlighting and screen printing. The choice of frames ranges from the thinnest chrome or matt black rod, to the most classic style, with wooden frames in the same finish as the furniture.
In the new HENGES collection, designed by Simone Micheli, a peculiar furnishing element perfectly represents this great creativity: a round mirror, backlit, distinguished by a screen-printed graphic nod in the shape of a crescent moon, hence the name Mezza Luna. For younger, more contemporary bathrooms, the WAVE collection includes four urban chic mirror solutions that feature a unique composition of two mirrors – square, round, oval or rectangular – surrounded by a matt black rod that reproduces the shape of the matching washbasin. The mirror in the bathroom is an important furnishing element not to be overlooked and those of SIMAS, 100% made in Italy quality, are easily inserted in residential and contract spaces.

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