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Siemens: Steam ovens and Sous-vide function

Siemens, whose aim has always been to create innovative solutions that simplify everyday life, has designed its appliances with functional, cutting-edge technology combined with elegant, discreet lines. In particular, the exclusive studioLine premium range consists of various built-in solutions that combine the best in design and top quality materials with professionally inspired techniques and functions.

Perfect for those who never want to compromise on top performance, the studioLine ovens are characterised by a unique and modern style, enhanced by precious black steel details. In fact, they feature a minimalist and elegant aesthetic that features dark grills, a large and convenient configuration knob and a uniquely designed deepBlack glass door. They perfectly match the furniture of any kitchen, in a refined and elegant ensemble. What’s more, state-of-the-art technologies such as varioSpeed and roastingSensor make cooking easy and intuitive, facilitating the preparation of delicious dishes that will send your guests into raptures.


Steam ovens, an elegant taste experience

A revolution in the kitchen, these appliances use intelligent heating technology, based on the gradual use of steam for recipes with a particularly delicate and natural taste. The iQ700 ovens with fullSteam, 100% steam, turn every dish into a real taste experience. The taste, nutritional properties and colour of the food are preserved. In addition, via the control panel with TFT Plus touch display you can activate the cookControl Plus function, to set recipes and view pre-installed preparation tips that guarantee the best results for every dish. Explosion of taste and simultaneous attention to health in a product of the highest technological quality. These are the principles that inspired Siemens in the design of its steam ovens.

This is why every steam oven is a combination of tradition and innovation: for its functions and for its technical and constructional characteristics that allow you to make an infinite number of recipes, from the simplest to the most complex, with professional results.

Every day you can choose to prepare your dishes with steam cooking or with the classic hot air cooking or use both at the same time. In fact, the innovative combination of steam and hot air makes these ovens ideal not only for meat, fish and vegetables, but also for bread, cakes and roasts. Steam ovens are a healthy alternative to conventional ovens. Steam cooking preserves the flavour, vitamins and nutrients in food.


The taste of a starred kitchen with the sous-vide drawer

Thanks to the sous-vide drawer, you can cook food in a vacuum with 100% steam. This is a unique and very gentle cooking method that guarantees an exceptional taste experience. By exploiting low temperatures and vacuum, this technology preserves all the vitamins and natural aromas of the food. In the sous-vide drawer, the food is sealed with a 99% vacuum. This ensures that heat transmission takes place at an optimum cooking temperature. This allows the flavour to be fully released and the result is always perfect.


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