Performance iN Lighting presents its SL764+ SERIES lighting channels, which at just 44 mm wide is the company’s thinnest and most versatile lighting system. The series is truly very versatile, from a limited number of combinable factors comes an almost infinite variety of product variants. The SL764+ is a true all-rounder for office and education buildings. The lighting system and the individual luminaires of this elegant series are characterised by a clear, linear design that fits elegantly and discreetly into any architectural structure.

The SL764+ is a single luminaire that creates impressive accents and, thanks to two installation types (pendant and recessed luminaire), offers design flexibility. The lighting system offers maximum design freedom in terms of dimensioning, wattage, form, type of installation, lighting technology and sensors and offers you the possibility of realising a uniform lighting concept throughout the building.

Thanks to the company’s award-winning LIGHT-PERFORMER® design tool, complex lighting systems can be configured in a matter of minutes: individual luminaires and lighting systems of any length, wattage and type can be configured according to your requirements. LIGHT-PERFORMER® offers fast and modular configuration in just a few steps. The entire lighting configuration process is easy and self-explanatory: a complex lighting system is configured in 5 minutes.


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