Santorini paradise

Athens based architectural firm, Iraisynn Attinom, recently completed four independent summer houses on a rocky landscape on the island of Santorini, Greece. The cubical houses resemble the traditional ones located in the countryside of the island. Each house has a main structure as well as surrounding smaller ones, creating multiple outdoor spaces.
This not only presents numerous views of the Aegean sea and Mediterranean volcanic landscape, but also protects the location from strong northwest winds. To be more specific, the complex consists of 8 monolithic volumes of rectangular shape with arched ceilings, private yards, swimming pools, and semi open spaces.

The residential unit consists of two main volumes, one housing the living room and the kitchen, and the other housing one master bedroom, a bathroom, and a secondary bedroom on the upper floor. For a more sustainable construction, the architects and builders were adamant about using as many building materials of local origin as possible. The structure is made from local stone masonry and arched ceilings. The exterior of the building is coated in an ecological natural plaster, “Kourasani”, discovered in ancient Greece.
The off-white color reflects solar radiation and prevents the overheating of the building.

The main openings are placed on the east facade of the building. To the north, small openings contribute to the cooling of the houses during the hot months of the year. Additionally, wooden and reed pergolas and vegetation, such as climbing plants and trees, are used for shading. The orientation is based on summer winds, as well as water pools that accompany the cubical houses, contributing to the natural ventilation and cooling of the housing complex. The arched terraces assist the collection and storage of rainwater, a crucial issue especially in areas with water scarcity such as the Cyclades.
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Project: Arched residencies in Santorini island
Studio: Iraisynn Attinom
Architect: Maggie Gkika
Cg artist : Klavdios Sklivanitis
Civil Engineers: Efi Gyftaki
Location: Santorini, Greece