Royal Midas by KEUCO

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KEUCO, the specialist for high-quality bathroom accessories, presents the ROYAL MIDAS shower light, which offers a special shower experience, a perfect combination of water and light with an important soothing effect.

You can set the shower light depending on the time of day between 6500 kelvin (daylight) and 2700 kelvin (warm white). Daylight offers a warming effect that is ideal for the body and circulatory system. A warmer and more intimate light, on the other hand, creates the perfect ambience for relaxation, perfectly suited for example to an evening shower. The ROYAL MIDAS shower light creates a perfect symbiosis of light and water for a sensual shower experience.

As a complete all-in-one product, ROYAL MIDAS is user friendly: it allows quick, easy and safe installation. The shower light is intuitively operated via a switch located in the room, which turns the light on or off, but also allows you to adjust its intensity and gradation (warm or cold light). 

This interesting product responds perfectly to KEUCO’s mission to produce elements that are able to respond effectively to aesthetic requirements and at the same time to aspects of functionality.

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