Return to the origins

The symbolic call to the origins, to the archetypal forms and materials of the past: this is the inspiration behind the new collection designed by GESSI for contemporary well-being.
Design, combined with material and colour, satisfies an emotional need. The new spaces are designed on the basis of immaterial values such as air and water quality, silence, privacy and are finally tailored to emotions. Colour is the emblem of this transition, from the material to the immaterial, from the objective to the subjective sphere. With the ORIGINI collection, GESSI explores the new emotional dimension of colour that places the person at the centre. And proposes furnishing elements that, when combined, allow you to create scenarios in absolute freedom where you can finally feel like the protagonist of your own space.

Function guides form and metal defines it, but it is the mix of coloured pigments, metals and finishes, carefully combined, that gives life to five triads that inspire in the choice of the most original bathroom furniture.
Five triads of iconic colours that combine with as many colour portraits to highlight an attitude: tactile monochromatic powder pink for people who love intimacy, who are romantic and gentle; neutral achromatic achromatic clay greige for city dwellers at all latitudes or for those who are always on the move; non-conformist metachromatic ochre for people who are cosmopolitan, outgoing, who dare, who like contrasts; polymathic coral brick for people who love traditions, who are down-to-earth, who live without a watch; natural metamateric agave green for biomaniacs, utopian intellectuals and nature lovers all over the world. You can choose the colours of nature that reflect an identity to create fluid spaces to be lived in freedom and joy.

In the ORIGINI collection by GESSI, rigour and softness, lightness and solidity, formal cleanliness and decoration coexist through the geometric figure of the circle, which becomes the predominant and recurring sign in all the elements, creating a clean and architectural visual game; thanks also to the high modularity of the elements that make up the collection, designed so that all the pieces maintain the same diameter and can be perfectly combined. To complete the game, four interchangeable inserts can be freely positioned on the different elements of the entire collection: plain, polished metal in the collection.
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