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Today, space is considered a real privilege in the home, which is why it is important to know how to make the most of it and optimise it by recovering spaces that were previously neglected.

Protek counterframes are recognised for their stability, robustness and reliability: in a word, innovative solutions that provide more space in the home. “The experts recognise these three fundamental characteristics of our solutions,” says Giovanni Maggioni, CEO of the company. “Our counterframes are in fact designed to dialogue perfectly with the plasterboard frames, simplifying and solving the installation systems. They are designed to match the plasterboard concept right from the start and not to adapt to it.” An aspect, the latter, which is increasingly in demand among installers, especially now that we are experiencing the daily need to create reserved environments and rooms inside various buildings, whether they are private residences or public environments such as a doctor’s office or a hospital.

Our solutions,” continues Maggioni, “are designed down to the smallest detail, patented in Europe and made using high quality processing systems and components. Thanks to the special all interlocking system, ready in a minute, the assembly time of the counterframes is simplified and considerably reduced, thus providing an effective and efficient response to the needs of installers.”

Protek’s standard model is characterised by its extremely quick assembly thanks to the ‘1 minute set-up’ fully interlocking system and the assembly of the structure with clinching points (i.e. without welding) to protect the subframe from possible corrosion problems over time. The transversally ribbed sheet metal every 100 mm makes the subframe resistant to horizontal compression and facilitates the fixing of plasterboard sheets. Finally, the increased thickness provides additional rigidity and greater resistance to vertical pressures exerted on the subframe itself.
The carriages slide smoothly and silently thanks to the high resistance guide and two strong spacers favour the optimal alignment between the rebate post and the subframe. The narrower bottom of the counterframe is essential to facilitate installation so that it fits perfectly into the plasterboard structure.

The Linear® collection, with its sliding and hinged systems for plasterboard and plasterboard walls, on the other hand, has been designed to completely eliminate the use of any jambs and casings. Technology and design come together in a top quality product 100% Made in Italy.

In the Linear® sliding version, every supporting element of the door disappears. It is characterised by a structure with paintable aluminium profiles and a system that allows the door to rise above the upper edge of the counterframe.
The load-bearing components have been designed to increase mechanical strength, with an enlarged profile section. The upright with interlocking rebate element (there are no screws or unsightly plugs) can be easily removed even after installation for any maintenance work or to install the special self-closing kit.

Finally, to further reduce installation times, a tubular structure has been created to facilitate perfect plasterboard alignment, allowing the screws to be positioned at the edge of the slab.

In the Linear® hinged version, where there are no jambs or cover strips, a special 50 mm thick door panel is installed which, by fitting perfectly into the wall where it is inserted, allows the room to be personalised with a touch of personal style and design. It is possible to camouflage the door by using the same colour paint as the wall, or to make it a real furnishing element with coloured or decorative finishes. The frame is designed for installation on both plaster and plasterboard walls.

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