POAN Educational Institution in Fujian, by CUN PANDA Design

Founded by interior designer Lin Jiacheng in 1984, the CUN PANDA Children’s Education Space Design Company devotes its skills to the development of educational spaces and products for children.
A team of experts, eco-friendly materials and a design oriented towards creating healthy and welcoming environments are the fundamental elements for allowing the youngest children to cultivate creativity and social interaction.

The POAN Educational Institution project is located in the heart of Fujian‘s commercial district, created with the aim of supporting the functionality and well-being of the surrounding environment.
In order to design a building with a design suitable for educational development, the PANDA team placed the protagonists of the project, teachers and children, at the centre of their research, with the aim of implementing and facilitating their interaction.

The building’s interior looks like a cosy home, characterised by natural colours, combinations of green and oak tones reminiscent of a small forest, enhancing the relationship with the outside environment. This nature-inspired atmosphere allows children to develop a sense of adventure and encourages them to explore the spaces.

The interior layout breaks the rules of the traditional school. In fact, the different classrooms are not presented as classrooms separated by corridors, but as square areas dedicated to different functions. In this way, connection and interaction between classmates is strengthened and stimulated.

The designers also paid particular attention to the safety of the young users. Among the most meticulous details is the anti-pinch system built into the doors, which prevents the danger of crushing fingers in the closures.
In addition, soft flooring has been installed in some spaces, such as the reading room, to allow children to play and interact without risk of injury from impact.
The lighting has been designed using a diffuse reflection source that does not damage the optical system and visual functions.

PROJECT POAN Educational Institution (Fujian)
ARCHITECT Artisan of CUN PANDA Architecture Design
YEAR 2020