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Orazio Palace – A story of light

The timeless charm of Rome is the background to the refinement and eclecticism of the Orazio Palace, a new project by the studio COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO. A hotel a few steps from St. Peter’s Basilica that opens to the public as a place of conviviality and discovery of contemporary dimension of living inserted in the cosmopolitan center of the capital. The Orazio Palace winds through nine floors that combine the spaces dedicated to hotel guests as well as a series of places designed for shared living, meeting and leisure open to the whole city. The objective was in fact to create an experience that communicates in an inescapable way with the beauty, architecture and the beating heart of Rome, making the hotel the epicenter for all patrons who wish to discover the timeless charm of the Eternal City and spend a comfortable and luxurious stay. The central element that united the project was the use of light, calibrated in such a way as to enhance the materials and colors and to mark the time within the spaces, enhancing in particular the magic of twilight.

In the Orazio Palace the monochromatic surfaces are enhanced by the contrasting touches of bright colors, which give the hotel a strong and contemporary personality, emphasized by the fine materials, the tailor-made furniture, the hand-made details of the best craftsmen. In the lobby, the double height is emphasized by the chandelier with brass macro rings and large plants. The alternation between soft colors and sparkling hints of orange radiates the environment that continues with the wall that leads to the lobby bar, decorated with a multicolor wallpaper design, swirling and three-dimensional effect. Entering the lobby bar there is a change of atmosphere. The environment is in fact monochromatic in shades of gray, in which the textured wallpaper, chromed metals and etched mirrors are interrupted by hints of bright orange velvet seats and lamps with artfully distorted light, custom furnishings that create a warm and refined atmosphere. The library plays the role of a multifunctional place used for informal meetings as well as for reading, where the neutral colors suggest a feeling of intimacy and encourage concentration. 

The garden represents a break from the frenzy of the city and the rhythms of the metropolis, offering an unexpected visual effect when you look down on the contrast between the square pattern of the floor and the orange steel rod furnishings. The suites embody the eclectic style and refinement of materials and textures with which COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO has intervened with tailor-made furnishings of international appeal. On the seventh floor, a large glass volume with a perimeter terrace, in which interior and exterior coexist in visual continuity and use, hosts the Ozio Restaurant; here the contemporary Italian style dominates, given by the bright green of the sofas, the bold brass hanging lamps and the floral velvet chairs. Orazio Palace culminates with the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed from the sky lounge bar on the top floor, where the most iconic places in Rome are framed by completely transparent glass panes that give guests an indelible memory of the Italian capital.
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Project: Orazio Palace
Year: 2021
Photo: Matteo Piazza and Mattia Aquila