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Not the usual tap

This is the story of UNIQ∙Ǝ! – a company founded in 2016 with the desire to rethink the very concept of the tap, innovating its shapes, finishes and design sense. In April 2020, UNIQ∙Ǝ! launched a project aimed at a group of designers and architects, with the aim of creating a revolutionary tap concept that would have the strength to completely break free from the formal stereotypes we are used to, managing to interpret the new paradigm that 3D technology makes possible.
The four professionals who accepted to share with Giovanni Pitturru – creator and founder of UNIQ∙Ǝ! – the challenge of measuring themselves against an unlimited design freedom, are: Dodo Arslan of Dodo Arslan Studio, Cesare Chichi and Mauro Pizzi of 967Arch, Pasquale Piroso of Loft Canova, Gerardo Sannella_MYGG.

Thus began the intense process of co-design in which UNIQ∙Ǝ!’s experience acted as a counterpoint to the development of the ideas proposed, enriching the design with functional reflections that led to the creation of prototypes, which were gradually refined, preserving intact the original creative thought.
The variety of shapes, finishes and functional solutions that characterise the 4 products is proof of the new possible archetypes for an object that has always repeated the same paradigm.

Among the 4 products, INK, designed by Gerardo Sannella, stands out. INK is a tap that was born from the idea of transforming the liquid gesture of a circular brushstroke of ink. The circle, as the new form of the tap, erases the prosaic history of this everyday object to rewrite it anew, capturing the poetic spirit of the primordial struggle between cold and heat, as it eternally springs from the earth. The absoluteness of the circle translates the stable power of this cosmic balance. The mouth from which the water flows is a bamboo beak, the most natural and almost human part of this product. The water offers itself as a stream that brings well-being and new life into human hands.

The new possibilities demonstrated by this project also take tapware into new expressive territory that is waiting to be explored.
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